Here are the answers to our most frequently asked questions.

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Why use ConfirMED over my current scheduling methods?

ConfirMED allows for an all in one dashboard of communication between the Doctor, Hospital and Vendor Representative. Real-time scheduling and confirmations save time and increase efficiency. Traceable correspondence allows all parties to take responsibility for their roles and helps ensure that valuable details are not missed.

Who uses ConfirMED?

Doctors, Hospitals, Surgical Centers & Vendor Representatives

How do I see if a facility in my area utilizes ConfirMED?

Contact us directly to see if your Hospital is a ConfirMED user.

How much will this cost?

We believe that accurate, accountable, traceable scheduling is priceless but below are the service options paid by the Vendor Representative. Hospital and Doctor memberships are free of charge. Monthly: $45 per month Annual Membership: $495 ($45 savings!) Sign up here!

What does the fee cover?

Schedule visibility for Vendor Representatives and their associated Doctors and Hospitals as well as a complete dashboard of past, present and future procedures, email and text message notifications, and calendar files for easy integration into mobile devices.

What happens if I need to cancel?

Monthly membership: Upon cancelation, all future recurring monthly charges will be canceled.

Annual membership: Upon cancelation, usage through the current month will be retained and the remainder of the year will be prorated and refunded back to the card on file.

Can I earn a referral bonus?

Refer a Hospital who starts utilizing ConfirMED and be rewarded. Visit our referral page for more details.